Halo! Hello! 你好! 안녕하세요! こんにちは!

Hello there, love! Before reading the rest posts of mine, guess it’s a proper thing to introduce myself first, right? And yes, feel free to judge me, the sin is yours to keep though? So, let’s start.

My name is Natalia Ayu Rizki Asti. You can call me Lia, although there are a lot of people who call me ‘nat’ or ‘talia’ or worse- ‘tali’. I was born on 1997. A premature baby to be exact. That premature baby is now a college student though, in faculty of law. I’m half Chinese and half Javanese, my dad is Chinese and my mom is Javanese (but I guess I got the Chinese-blood more?). My skin isn’t that fair I know, but you can see it from my eyes, well, I do have small eyes. Anyway, I’m short- like, really short, just 154cm I cry.

Now if we’re talking about MBTI, mine happens to be ESTJ and INTJ (it changes a lot between that two), I was that anti-social I know. But then I realized I’m not like that, I love talking with people, I love making them laugh, I love joking and all. Although yes, sometimes I’m lazy to talk with people, just sometimes though.

Most people thought I’m arrogant and calm when they meet me for the first time, and guess what? they always regret thinking like that HAHA. I’m not calm nor arrogant, actually. But this is just my face guys please, I indeed look arrogant whenever I’m not talking, plus, I’m kinda awkward around new people, so I don’t talk much, mostly- That’s why, let me justify it here, I’m not arrogant.

Guess I’ll just talk about my personalities now. I’m a temperamental girl. I need to underline that to make you guys take a note about it. Yeah, I get mad easily. Especially when it’s about an irresponsible person. I really can’t stand people like that though, really. I always put my heart on everything I do, though. I’m a clingy girl (Thank God I haven’t got any boyfriend yet or it’ll be hard for him to have a clingy girlfriend). I’m selfish, mostly- but it’s not like I’ll never take people’s advice though. People always tell me to think first before talk, actually, because yeah, I barely do that- but it’s better to say a painful truth rather than a sweet lie right? Truth to be told, I’m always thirsty over competitions. Although I regret it sometimes to take so many competitions at once ok.

Anyway, I love drawing. Art is my passion, actually. But I barely have time to draw. I love writing too, I’ve written a lot of fanfictions, but I’m not gonna tell my friends about it though it’s so embarrassing. I don’t really fancy books, but I like reading, especially when I have a free time. I love research. I do like research, maybe it’s because I’m a part of a research organization in my campus- but I do love it though.

Oh- I can do design too. That’s why I got a lot of design works.

My current obsessions are, National Competition, International Moot Court Competition, and MUN. I’m going to focus on it. (Well, I will still design things too of course).

That’s enough, you can read my posts if you want to get to know me better!


Natalia Ayu